Pranešėjų biografijos

Anaïs Raoux

Managing Director of France FinTech, France

Since September 2015 Ms. Anaïs Raoux is the Managing Director of France FinTech, which gathers all businesses using innovative, disruptive technological business models which aim at addressing current or emerging issues in the financial services industry. France FinTech is in charge of promoting French FinTech in France and abroad, it also represents the FinTech sector before public authorities, medias, investors, the financial sector and any other international organizations.

Prior to France FinTech, Ms. Anaïs Raoux was an Ambassador at Femmes Business Angels, where she was in charge of sourcing and analyzing new projects. Ms. Anaïs Raoux has also worked as Auditor at Grant Thornton France, Financial Analyst at Banque de France and etc.

Ms. Anaïs Raoux holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Corporate Finance, which she earned at the IÉSEG School of Management (France) in 2014.