Pranešėjų biografijos

Bjorn Hertzberg

Head of Economic & Statistical Research, Nordics at Nasdaq, Sweden

Mr. Bjorn Hertzberg manages the Nordic part of the Economic & Statistical Research team, providing analytical support for all NASDAQ OMX business lines and management to support better informed decisions on strategic issues. The group provides a variety of solutions focused on measuring, modelling and predicting various metrics in the macro environment as well as the micro cosmos of their trading engine.

Mr. Hertzberg has previously worked as the Senior Research Specialist at Nasdaq and the Quantitative Analyst at Montsinery Capital. He held various positions in Thomson Reuters from 2004 to 2009. Prior to Thomson Reuters, Mr. Bjorn Hertzberg worked as the Risk Analyst at OMX/Stockholmbörsen, Fund Manager at XACTFonder AB and Business Consultant at SimCorp.

Mr. Hertzberg has a MSc in Finance from Lund University and an additional 3 semesters of Mathematics focusing on measure based stochastic analysis.