Pranešėjų biografijos

Jeff Rupp

Director of Public Affairs at INREV

Mr. Jeff Rupp is the Director of Public Affairs at INREV, a position he has held since the spring of 2011. In that role, he leads INREV’s efforts to track and shape the development of European regulatory initiatives that could affect non-listed real estate funds. He is based in Brussels, where INREV opened a Public Affairs office in the spring of 2012. Mr. Rupp was also formerly responsible for the professional standards portfolio at INREV, covering topics such as corporate governance, reporting, due diligence, secondary markets and liquidity, and sustainability.

Mr. Rupp has worked for several years as a writer and editor in the field of non-listed real estate funds before coming to INREV. As a lawyer, he has also worked in Germany, Italy, Turkey and in Washington DC, where he was involved in legislative and regulatory development.

Mr. Jeff Rupp received both a BA in Economics and JD in International Law from the College of William and Mary.