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Baltic Financial Markets Handbook


The project BALTIC FINANCIAL MARKETS HANDBOOK (BFMH) is initiated by Lithuanian Financial Markets Institute and aimed for gathering of analytical information on financial markets in three Baltic States according the united format and under the same time series written by various authors representing organisations from all three Baltic States. The Handbook describes a framework of financial markets development in the Baltics covering last decade that reflects their economic progress. The Baltic Financial Handbook is the financial guide for various finance related bodies.

Why publishing of BFMH was necessary?

Presently there was the absence of one source where relevant financial data would be gathered according the same structure, covering the same period and providing the opportunity of comparison of three Baltic financial markets. The need for such publication has been expressed by international and local investors, financial market players, policy makers as well as researchers.


“To an economic or financial analyst, a common sourcebook and guide to sources for fundamental data is a most valuable resource; information and data are their lifeblood. Ease of access is a material consideration, and can be expected not only to improve communication but also to increase activity in these markets. Its importance can be assessed by analogy to the role of search and discovery, with its associated costs, in market prices.”

Con Keating (UK), member of the EFFAS Research, Market Structure and Bond Commissions, Head of research at Brighton Rock insurance group.

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